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NeonPup Padlock Necklace – Red

Elevate your pup play style with the NeonPup Padlock Necklace! Designed to perfectly complement your colorful pup gear, this accessory adds an extra dose of flair to your playful pup persona. With a comfortable 50cm length, it’s suitable for all sizes and ensures a secure fit. The padlock pendant comes complete with two keys, offering a delightful twist to your pup play dynamics.

Your handler or owner can lock the necklace around your neck, holding a key while you keep the other, creating a delightful bond of trust. Crafted from a blend of acrylic, resin, and zinc alloy, this necklace is as durable as it is stylish. Unleash your inner pup with confidence, wearing the NeonPup Padlock Necklace!